Trump to negotiate truce with China

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The trade dispute between the two major world’s economies, the United States and China, might be over before long.

As it became known, US President Donald Trump wants to reach an agreement on trade with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Group of 20 nations summit in Argentina. Moreover, the Trump administration has already started drafting potential terms. According to some people familiar with the matter, this can be considered the first step towards ending the trade war between the countries.

“We have had a very good discussion with China. We are getting much closer to doing something. They very much want to do a deal. Their economy has been going down since we have been doing this skirmish. I spoke to the Chinese President yesterday and they very much want to do a deal. It will be a good deal for the United States,” the US President said.

“And they understand that if a deal is not made, we are doing very well the way we are doing it right now. You understand that. $250 billion at 25% and it could be elevated by another 267 billion dollars at 27%. But I believe, I know they want to make a deal. Their economy has been hit very hard,” Donald Trump added.

Trump also noted that he did not wish trade tensions to escalate and hoped for China’s readiness to embark on a negotiation.